1. Adams Apple Butter

“Tastes like fall,” “Tastes like memories,” enough said. This jam is truly one of the best and will have your tastebuds begging for more. Great idea for a hostess gift, housewarming gift, client gifts, caretaker gifts...the list goes on.

Ingredients: Apples, Sugar, Apple Juice (Filtered Water, Apple Juice Concentrate & Ascorbic Acid), Water, Molasses, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vanilla Extract, Spices, Pectic, Salt & Lemon Juice Concentrate. GLUTEN FREE.

  1. Justy’s Jelly: Pineapple Roasted Garlic

Simply the best garlic jelly around! Garlic roasted to golden perfection and sweet tropical pineapple, combined with a special blend of spices makes this jelly a unique cooking partner and irresistible taste treat.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Pineapple, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Spices, Fruit Pectin.

  1. Neat Nick Preserves: Strawberry and Honey

Simple. Traditional. The freshest local strawberries sweetened solely with locally sourced honey. That's it. Perfect to use as a hand-pie filling, on pancakes and waffles and cheesecakes, stirred into yogurt or oatmeal, spooned onto ice cream, and more! 

Ingredients: Strawberries, Honey, Pectin, Lemon Juice. GLUTEN FREE, VEGETARIAN. 

  1. Trade Street Jam Co.: Strawberry Chipotle and Fig

Sweet, spicy, smoky. Great on a flatbread. Or with a cheese platter. Or with, anything really. Vegan. No pectin. No preservatives. 100% delicious. Definitely a must try! 

Ingredients: Strawberry, Dried Fig, Sugar, Chipotle Pepper, Fresh Lemon Juice.

  1. Trade Street Jam Co.: Smoked Yellow Peach

A jam so good, this company is on this list twice. The best 3-ingredient combo you’ve ever had. Put this baby on roasted meats or veggies, mix it into your salsa, or make a smoky peach old fashioned. You’re welcome. Vegan. No pectin. No preservatives.

Ingredients: Peach, Sugar, Fresh Lemon Juice, Apple Wood Smoke.

Try these jams and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Happy tasting!