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"At farmtrue we're inspired to eat, live, and act with more care. "

The dream of Farmtrue began as an adventure of health and healing. Kim and Lynn crossed paths on their journeys of wanting to eat better, sleep better, feel better, and live better. The strong desire to reconnect with nature and live a more healthy and meaningful life led them both to seek a deeper understanding of the root cause of disease and to promote wellness in all areas of life.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Is ghee actually good for me?

Yes! Healthy fats such as ghee, avocado, nuts, and olive oil are good for the body and mind. Ghee is particularly good for you because it’s a clean, alkalizing, easy to digest, high heat cooking oil. When you cook with ghee, all of the nourishment from your food is easily absorbed into the body while also supporting digestion and elimination. Ghee is also known to support and calm the mind.

What are the health benefits from using ghee?

Ghee is a source of Butyric Acid which promotes good digestion and elimination by keeping the gut lining healthy and protected while also calming inflammation.

Is ghee safe for kids?

Yes! Kids are some of the biggest ghee fans out there. Ghee is simply one ingredient: organic, grass-fed, unsalted butter and nothing else is added in the process of heating and filtering.

Is it vegan even though it’s technically made from cows?

Ghee is not vegan because it comes from an animal. It is however lactose and casein free. In the process of making ghee, we filter out all of the dairy sugars and proteins.

So, I can use this on anything I would normally put butter on?

Definitely, we recommend using it as a phenomenal cooking oil AND, it can also be used to spread on toast, pancakes, and vegetables.

What are “good fats”? Is that really a thing?

Good fats really are a thing! Our body and mind need fat to function at its best. However, not all fats are good. Trans fats or hydrogenated oils such as margarine cause inflammation in the body. But, fats such as ghee, avocado, nuts, and seeds, actually support the overall health by the body by reducing inflammation. Ghee also offers the added bonus of supporting good gut health.

Will I see a dramatic physical change after I start using ghee?

Generally speaking, when we eat well, we feel and look well. Because ghee is satiating, hydrating, and supports digestion and assimilation of nutrients, you will feel your best!

Is ghee good for my skin, too? How?

Ghee nourishes the body from the inside out. When ingested, it is deeply hydrating for all of the tissues of the body, including the skin and therefore alleviates dryness. When used topically as in our body oils, it is easily absorbed into the skin and carries all of the benefits of the skin-supporting herbs that we infuse into it

How is ghee made?

We make ghee by cooking the butter using traditional Ayurvedic practices, removing all of the milk solids, water, and impurities. What’s left is a lactose-free, casein-free, and shelf-stable cooking oil that becomes solid at room temperature.
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