Sell on Wholesalerie

We have partnered with MakerPlace Inc. to allow you to be part of a people-centered platform where sellers are encouraged to tell their stories and consumers
can feel good about their purchases. By signing up to sell with MakerPlace Inc, you will have access to sell on Wholesalerie.


Why Sell on Wholesalerie

Access to Buyers

Offer products at wholesale rates to our active network of wholesalers. We’ve done the hard work for you and have built a network of trust and reliability.

Eliminate Paperwork

We manage the nitty gritty details like payment terms, invoicing, and payment collection!

No Hidden Fees

No gimmicks, no tricks MakerPlace believes in fair and transparent transactions.

Are You Ready To Sell?

We’re happy you want to join our family of sellers. Follow the steps below to begin selling. is a curated marketplace using the proprietary e-commerce platform by MakerPlace Inc. It is completely free to sign up.  

You will have the opportunity to sell wholesale with us and sell retail on other marketplaces managed by MakerPlace (like Retail sign-up is not required.

1. Sign Up

Sell on Wholesalerie This link will take you to the signup form and will also allow you to learn more about selling with MakerPlace Inc. and Wholesalerie.

2. Set Up Your Account

Get started quickly by filling out your story, business information, and add your product catalog.


3. Start Selling

Once you complete onboarding, your products will then be reviewed for marketplace fit.