Sourcing Products While Tradeshows Close

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May 7, 2020 185 view(s)
Sourcing Products While Tradeshows Close

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, the commerce landscape is seeing tectonic shifts. From the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago to the Natural Food Expo West, nearly every major 2020 tradeshow has been postponed or altogether canceled. These cancelations leave store owners in need of alternative sources for finding new products.

Fortunately, there is a solution. We built a marketplace that simplifies the process for local retailers to find and order new merchandise. Trade shows can be especially time-consuming, expensive, and don't guarantee results. Online marketplaces, such as, are a smart alternative.

At, we work with wholesale buyers by providing a more accomodating and optimized shopping experience. More specifically, there are no minimums on our marketplace, we offer small case pack sizes and samples, and we have exclusive products you can't find anywhere else. To help you proceed through this unprecedented time, we're covering the current state of public health, the damage to the tradeshow industry, and how to shop smart in the coronavirus era.

A Digital Tradeshow is an online marketplace for buying best-selling products. With a wide variety of curated sellers on the site, we built it like a digital tradeshow. Instead of walking to each booth, you can visit each seller's store.

If you're looking for exclusive products you can't find on Amazon or eBay, has home goods that help you differentiate your store for the digital and brink and mortar competition. Plus, if you sign up for weekly newsletters, you'll be alerted of new products and sellers, exclusive pricing, and business insights.

From wholesale Mason jar accessories to gourmet spices, we developed a marketplace that positions small businesses for success, all from one online platform. We also have a dedicated wholesale support team to help you find the products your customers are looking for. Think of them as your tradeshow tour guides.

The Wholesalerie Mission

It’s our mission to build a healthier wholesale community, support Makers, and help businesses succeed with purposeful products. To make good on that promise, we’ve curated a wholesale marketplace that focuses primarily on American-made, eco-friendly, small-batch products.

From Co-Ops and gift shops to garden centers and hardware stores, is where retailers come to find best-selling products. When shopping on our marketplace, you can:

• Buy samples before buying in bulk
• Get cashback on your purchases
• Gain access to exclusive products not sold on Amazon

In times of great change, the businesses that adapt, thrive. For example, here are a few bestsellers that are keeping customers coming back for more:

reCAP® Mason Jars Starter Kit - Best Selling reCAP Items
Signature Soy Candle
Cuppow Drinking Lids

Ready to start shopping wholesale?
Create a wholesale account and get $25 credit on your first order!

A Deeper Level of Understanding

In 2011, reCAP® revolutionized the most common household products: the Mason jar. Through this process, reCAP® Founder and CEO, Karen Rzepecki, created trusting relationships with distributors and retail buyers. Karen started asking buyers what they wanted out of a wholesale store.

With a passion and propensity to solve problems, she designed to simplify the wholesale shopping experience. For buyers who are in a bind to discover new products when trade shows are canceled, postponed, or seeing declining attendance, can be your one-stop-shop for a wide variety of curated sellers.

Every product we curate supports local businesses around the country. If you’re interested in learning more about, please browse our shop.

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